A Team of Experienced Therapists

Summit Physical Therapy started out as Sarah being the only therapist in August of 2016. In just a short year, she then expanded to another full time therapist, Suzanne. She has also added on two contingent therapist to cover vacations and a tech. All of the therapist have over 30 years of experience combined in outpatient settings and are passionate about what they do. Each therapist has a specialty to provide the upmost care including specialties in women’s health, sports injuries, pediatrics, neck and back pain, and Astym certification. Sarah opened the clinic to provide patient’s with an encouraging, positive, relaxed, yet helpful clinic for all rehab needs. Every therapist hired has the same values and treating expectations in order to provide the highest quality in treatment to “getting you back to what matters most”.

Certified Astym® providers

Summit PT is committed to offering top-quality care. We have clinicians on staff that underwent the intensive training and education to become Astym-certified.

Read More about Astym® Therapy.

Our Staff

Sarah Giroux, DPT


Sarah's hobbies include traveling, sports, spending time with family, scrapbooking and yoga.

Selena Koro, Summit Physical Therapy

Selena Koro, DscPT


Selena’s hobbies include traveling, yoga, reading, gardening and hiking.  

Traci Cook, MPT


Traci enjoys volunteering at her kid’s school, playing volleyball, mountain biking, and gardening.

Suzanne Schmidt, MPT


Suzanne enjoys traveling, being with family/friends, riding horses, water skiing and being outdoors.

Jessica Heath

Office Manager

Jessica loves Harry Potter, Comics, Marvel, and watching Netflix.