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Balance and Gait Training


Balance and Gait training to help you get around safely in your home and community

Balance and Gait Physical therapy focuses on improving your strength, endurance, proprioception (where your body is in space), and balance in order to prevent falls and improve your quality of walking (your gait). We work on strengthening during functional activities in order help your return to your normal activities of daily living (ADL's) safely and provide one on one care for increased safety.


Common diagnoses for balance and gait include:


              Parkinson’s - including PWR! 

              Multiple Sclerosis 

              Deconditioning from hospital stay or illness including                long-term effects of Covid

              Frequent falls 

What is PWR! ?

PWR! stands for Parkinsons Wellness Recovery and is four basic moves designed to targets skills that are known to deteriorate in patients with Parkinsons Disease. The moves can be made easier or more difficult and performed in different positions to help target the areas affected in each individual. 

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