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Pre and Post-Op Care


The best operative care for you

We will help you recover from your surgery by increasing ROM, strength, reducing pain and swelling, and restoring normal function. Most common surgeries include (but not limited):

  1. Shoulder- Rotator cuff repairs, biceps tendon rupture, Labral repairs, Total shoulder replacements

  2. Back – Fusions, Laminectomies, scoliosis (in Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical spine)

  3. Knee- Total Knee replacements, Meniscus surgery, patella-femoral surgery, ACL repairs

  4. Hip- Total Hip replacement, Labral repairs, Arthroscopic surgery

  5. Ankle- Fracture or broken tibia/fibula repairs, Bunionectomy, Foot reconstruction, Total ankle replacements

Some Doctors want physical therapy prior to surgery and we can help with that as well. Pre-operative care gets you stronger and improves your balance and motion for a quicker recovery. We will also educate you on your surgery and give you advice on managing pain, swelling, and getting mobile after your surgery to help in the recovery process 

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