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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy for returning to ADL's (activities of daily living)

What is the difference between Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT)?

OT focuses on performing tasks they need to be able to do in every day life such as cooking, dishes, and dressing and typically involves working with the upper extremity in an outpatient setting (shoulder, elbow, and wrist/hand). OT also can help with improving fine motor skills. PT focuses more on improving strength, range of motion, and movement and typically involves returning to more gross motor skills needed in every day life.  

What are some Diagnoses for OT?

Shoulder injuries - Rotator cuff, tendonitis, impingement and bursitis

Elbow injuries - golfers and tennis elbow, elbow fractures

Wrist injuries- fractures, carpal tunnel 

Post tendon repairs in the UE

Fine motor deficits 

Gross grasp deficits

Neurological impairments including Stroke, MS, Parkinson's

Our OT at Summit is also trained in Dry needling

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