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Pediatrics includes infants, toddlers, and young children

Pediatric physical therapy is a specialized area that focuses on improving function in children and infants.

Torticollis: Infants with tilting of the head to one side. This can be caused by how your baby was positioned in the mothers womb or positioning and sleeping the first few months of birth.

Developmental Delay: This can be from 4 months up to a toddler age where a baby is not meeting milestones for development including rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling to stand and walking. It can also include low tone or difficulty weight bearing through legs or arms causing a delay in development. 

Young children: We treat toe walkers and children with injuries such as broken bones or sprains. This may also include children who are having difficulty meeting milestones at an older age including skipping, biking, and running. 

Occupational Therapy for Pediatrics: Our OT treats preschool and school age children who are having difficulty with fine motor skills including writing, grasping, doing up buttons and zippers, and catching or throwing. 

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